Let's Free Our Drinks From Single Use Plastic

2,000 years ago, the citizens of Rome constructed the city's first aqueduct to connect their homes with clean drinking water. Today, we transport water-based beverages all around the world, generating a carbon footprint equivalent to 25 million cars a year. The plastic containers often end up in landfills and oceans, further polluting our food and water supply. By bringing flavoring, carbonation and filtration to the water you already have in your tap, we can eliminate single-use plastic bottles, protect our oceans, and decrease carbon emissions by up to 90%. It’s high time we all have an aqueduct for the 21st century.

The Problem

Drinking beverages from plastic bottles uses up to 32x more greenhouse gas emissions than drinking from your tap.

Throughout its lifecycle - from the manufacturing of the plastic to its transportation to market - bottled water requires a disproportionate amount of energy often in the form of petroleum.

Our Plan of Action

By bringing flavoring, carbonation and filtration to the water you already have, we have a plan to remove one billion single-use bottles from circulation within five years. And 10 billion within 10 years.

Our Shared Impact

Within 10 years, we can bring down our CO2 emissions by 15,000,000 metric tons. That’s the equivalent of taking over three million cars off the road.

From Our Founders

The world is finally waking up to the need for immediate action to fight climate change and plastic pollution. Yet we are consuming more bottled water than ever. The bottled water industry will reach $334 billion by 2023. With each bottle we drink, we’re generating 32x the GHG emissions as compared to drinking from the tap. Not to mention the 18 billion pounds of single-use plastic waste that enter our landfills and oceans.

We’re not giving up the bottle because we’re not only drinking bottled water for its purported purity - we are drinking water that is carbonated, flavored and enhanced. So if we want to tackle climate change, we need to give consumers all of their favorite beverages without the waste of packaging and shipping them around the world.

With rocean, we are building more than a single device. We’re building a platform with the same breadth of options as the entire bottled water industry - and at a fraction of the carbon footprint. By giving you full control over your beverages, we can bring hundreds of thousands of water-based beverages to the common tap, eliminate billions of single-use plastic bottles and decrease our carbon emissions by over 90%.

With the launch of the Rocean One, we believe we can enjoy the planet without harming it. Through our products and commitment, we hope to merge present and future, help people live forward and create a more sensible approach to sustainability.


- Sunjay, Mohini & Lee

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